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Motivate, support and guide students for academic and STEM competition.

Our various courses curriculum has well balanced blend of topics, to help students build solid foundation.

Our weekly class provides abundant time for students to grasp and master the course topic!

Our leading Robotic coding courses is designed to maximize student engagement and establish an on going passion for robotics and programming.

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Studying advanced Writing skills. Learning to build Robot. Winning various competitions. Discover beauty of literature. Participate in debate tournament. We help students to build confidence, skills, and success!

We provide small group based encrichment classes, connecting best local elite teachers and students to achieve excellence in K-12  education!

We also encourage students to explore and find their passions.

Learn for growth, learn for contribution, learn for shining talents!

Get involved in our community, and society.

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Started from 2018, we have more and more students joined​

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Max of 8 students, to ensure program quality​

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From Monday to Sunday, we have flexible hours ang group for your choice

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    Liberal arts adapted for the modern world

    AUG 11 2018@12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

    Nomination for National Book Awards

    AUG 11 2018@12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

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    About STEAM Learning Club

    STEAM Learning Club is a professional educational services company, focuses on providing group based tutoring school enrichment classes.

    Established since 2018, our professional teachers in multiple academic subjects and popular topics had helped lot of students to make great achievement in learning paths.

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