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How do I register for class?

Due to limited availability and schedule, please contact us for current available class, schedule and registration process.

How does your group class work?

The classes run at weekly basis.  To ensure the class quality, our group classes accept up to 8 students.

As of March 2020, all classes are converted to online to prevent COVID19 spread. All class, assignments and communications are online.

What if my child miss the class?

Please email/call us if your student cannot join class, we’ll try to arrange make-up class as availability permits.

Update – March 2020 : If you can notify us for the absence, we will try to have teacher to record the class and share the link for your student to review.

I missed the new semester pre-registration, can I still register in the middle of semester?

Yes. For most of our classes, our curriculums are developed as session/topic based. Some subject may have sequential lessons, but we will try our best to help our students to catch up.

Do you accept online payment?

We do accept Quickpay/Zelle. Please contact for details.

Do you have trial class ?

Yes. Available trial class seats varies in classes and subjects, please contact us for the class you are interested.

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