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Vocabulary-Content: Students will learn new vocabulary with each lesson using the text book. They will also learn more vocabulary with the level reading books they will read during class. The vocabulary and content will include, the alphabet, numbers, expressions, days of the week and months of the year, colors, food, animals, clothes, body, family, community, classroom objects and songs and chants.

Grammar: Students will work on different parts of grammar. They will learn Parts of Speech, Pronouns, Masculine and Feminine Nouns, adjectives, Singular and Plural nouns, Definite and indefinite articles,

Writing: Students will write sentences to describe objects. They will translate words from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.

Reading: Students will read pages from their text book. They will also read fiction and nonfiction level books in class to develop their reading skills and teacher will ask questions to assess reading comprehension.

Speaking: Students will have an opportunity to communicate with the teacher and classmates in class to practice Spanish oral language development. Teacher will assess the student’s pronunciation and model the correct way to say the words.

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