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Course Rationale: These standards outline the content for a one-year course in Algebra II. Students enrolled in Algebra II are assumed to have mastered those concepts outlined in the Algebra I standards. All students preparing for postsecondary and advanced technical studies are expected to achieve the Algebra II standards. A thorough treatment of advanced algebraic concepts will be provided through the study of functions, “families of functions,” equations, inequalities, systems of equations and inequalities, polynomials, rational and radical equations, complex numbers, and sequences and series.


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July 11, 2021
18 hours
Emphasis will be placed on practical applications and modeling throughout the course of study. Oral and written communication concerning the language of algebra, logic of procedures, and interpretation of results should also permeate the course. These standards include a transformational approach to graphing functions. Transformational graphing uses translation, reflection, dilation, and rotation to generate a “family of graphs” from a given graph and builds a strong connection between algebraic and graphic representations of functions.   Course Outline: Review system of equations, absolute value Factoring trinomials Add &Sub polynomials Long division of polynomials Quadratic equations factoring Mixed topic requested:  difference quotient & matrix Quadratic equations solution Graphing quadratic equtions solution Transformations of quadratic Review graphing topcs Imaginary numbers & radicals Radicals Nth root Property of radicals Semester quiz

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