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Sensors introduce the user to the Touch, Ultrasonic, Gyro and Color Sensors. The user will learn how to use the Move Steering, Wait, Sound, and other blocks, users will also gain an understanding of the appropriate sensors to use to accomplish different tasks. For online class during COVID we use virtual robot which is software based simulation of EV3.


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16 hours

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July 7, 2021
16 hours

Introduction with Touch Sensor

Robot Configuration

Wait for Touch

Forward until Touch

Activity: Vacuum

Code Review

Challenge: Arm Position

Upload Code: Arm Position

Introduction with Ultrasonic Sensor

Robot Configuration

Wait for Near

Activity: Threshold Value

Forward Until Near

Activity: Backward Until Far

Code Review

Challenge: Maze

Upload Code: Maze

Introduction with Gyro Sensor

Robot Configuration

Turn for Angle (part 1)

Turn for Angle (Part 2)

Activity: Square Box

Code Review

Challenge: Mower

Upload Code: Mower

Introduction with Color Sensor

Robot Configuration

Wait For Green

Activity: Railroad Crossing

Forward Until Red

Activity: Forward to Stop Line

Code Review

Challenge: Traffic Light

Upload Code: Traffic Light

Sensors Quiz

Course Curriculum

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